While I was fortunately raised by parents with pretty good music tastes of the normal variety, I first got exposed to various types of electronic music through the Bemani game Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) at my local arcade. There was just something about the high-energy rhythms that spoke to me on a profound level.

Around late 2010 I was introduced to Allkore through their very first Allkore Riot Kontrol event by my friends. I immediately found myself in a world I never knew existed; and through Helblinde, JAKAZiD, and eventually TANUKI and Rhythmics, I became utterly obsessed with learning how to play like them, sound like them. I wanted to not only listen to the great music they made, but control and manipulate it just as they had. The rest is history.

Gear Path:

  • Keyboard/Mouse + VirtualDJ (2010-2014)
  • CDJ400s + DDM4000 (2014-2017)
  • DDJ-RX (2017-2018)
  • SL1200s + Kontrol Z2 (2018+)

I primarily spin UK Hardcore and J-core. Lately I’ve been playing a lot more Future Bass, Jersey Club, and Anison. Someday I’ll be good enough for MOGRA. (笑)

DDJ-RX Era Sets
CDJ400 Era Sets (2014-2016)
VirtualDJ Era Sets (2010-2012)